Paid Internship Program

What is a Paid Internship Program (PIP)?

The Paid Internship Program (PIP) gives individuals an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience with a community employer. Paid Interns can work up to 1,040 hours in their role, but the internship must end within a year.

While the Paid Intern obtains a position with a local business or community organization, Integration Works, Inc. becomes the Paid Intern’s employer of record for the duration of the internship.

Local businesses and community organizations that participate in our Paid Internship Program provide our interns with meaningful training opportunities and learning experiences. Paid Interns who successfully complete their programs will gain sufficient experience to be considered a qualified candidate for employment in that role. However, even successful completion of an Intern’s PIP will not guarantee that Intern an offer of employment with the business or organization.

Individuals enrolled with the Skill Development Center (SDC), and who have completed the SDC’s Pre-PIP Development course, are eligible to submit an application to IW’s Paid Internship Program and to schedule an interview with the Program Director.

PIPs are developed on a case-by-case basis, and will vary depending on the current availability and participation of local businesses and community organizations.

There is no formal application to enroll into the Paid Internship Program and instead it is initiated during a conversation with your planning team. Inform your Skills Coach that you are interested in participating in the paid internship program.

To work at least 9 hours a week

To travel as independently as possible to your internship site

To learn to communicate with your supervisor and co-workers

To learn how to fill out a timesheet

To learn how to rumble with feedback in order to improve your skills